Boulton Vs. Jones


Jones used to have business dealings with Brockle Hurst. He sent an order (offer) to Brockle Hurst for the purchase of certain goods. By the time the order reached Brockle Hurst, he had sold his business to Boulton. Boulton receiving the order sent all the goods to Jones as per the order without informing Jones of the changing of the hands of the business. When Jones learnt that the goods were not supplied by Brockle Hurst, he refused to pay for the goods. His contention was that he had never placed an order to Boulton, the offer being made to Brockle Hurst, and therefore had no intention to make a contract with Boulton.


It was held that Jones was not liable to pay.


When the offer is made to a specific or an ascertained person, it is known as a

specific offer. Specific offer can be accepted only by that specified person to whom the offer has been made.

Also acceptance can be given only by the person whom the offer is made.